Bo Harris Golf

"I learned more in one lesson with Bo than I did watching a hundred YouTube videos. At the end of my first lesson I was hitting the ball better than I have hit in 2 years of playing. His prices are also unbeatable. Well worth the time and money."

Jonny A.



"Bo has helped me tremendously since I first started taking lessons with him. From my first swing he was able to diagnose swing flaws and corrected my stance, grip, swing path, and even mental approach. His ability to quickly diagnose problems makes him an asset to golfers of any skill level. Thanks Bo!"


Taylor C.


"Bo is awesome. I have made great strides over 4 lessons and look forward to continuing to work with him. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable, but he makes the lessons fun and engaging. Thanks!"


Scott E.


"I had a putting lesson with Bo a couple of weeks ago and have already seen improvement after one session. He is great with the technology he uses and can't beat the style of coaching."


Jimmy M.